Building Your Brand in Your BHRT Business

by | Aug 9, 2021

If you have an existing or planned BHRT business, how should you go about building your brand?

So you’ve opened your own BHRT business, or you’re putting together a marketing plan — congratulations!

Carefully and strategically branding your BHRT practice and services will allow you to find more success and earn more revenue.

But where do you even start with building your brand?

Understand and Educate Your Customers

More women than ever are turning to BHRT as they learn that it’s a safe and effective treatment for menopausal symptoms as well as other hormone-related health concerns.

The good news for BHRT practitioners is that we see this market expanding dramatically, and there’s no sign of it letting up.

But a lot of people still don’t even know what BHRT is! And others may have a negative view of any hormone replacement therapy because of previous claims that it can lead to serious health problems.

So how do you convince them that it’s safe and effective?

Building your brand starts with understanding:

  • What your target demographic is
  • What their core values are
  • What they already know about your product/services
  • What they can learn about your product/services
  • How your offerings will add value to their lives

They are most likely looking for more personalized and well-rounded treatment methods than conventional HRT.

If you start building your brand through educating and informing, it will take the pressure off of this idea that you need to “sell.” You actually just need to tell people what you’re doing!

If you’d like to discuss BHRT marketing or training in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Stay True to the Facts

Long gone are the days when people advertise big promises that they can’t deliver on just to “make a sale.”

Consumers today are well-educated. They want to know the whole picture, especially regarding their health; they will want to know the facts and do the research.

When building your brand, be sure to develop marketing materials that give them the whole picture of what this type of treatment is about.

For instance, blogs and newsletters can discuss:

Avoid misleading claims and be sure to stay on top of the FDA regarding all marketing materials and supplements, and services.

This will go a long way in building trust and encouraging long-term relationships with clients.
Building Your Brand: Differentiation

Think about a company you like and admire, something you’d return to if/when you need a product or service. Chances are you wouldn’t hesitate because you know they have a particular set of values and practices in place.

You trust them to offer you the kind of service that suits your values, that makes you feel good about being from them.

What brands do you know that stand out? Why would you remember a place and make a point of returning there instead of to one of their competitors?

Here are some examples of the ways companies differentiate themselves:

LUSH cosmetics products are plant-based and vegan

Nordstrom department stores are known for exceptional customer service

Apple products are always technologically ahead of their competitors, which appeals to the tech crowd

At first glance, these examples might not have much in common. But they all center around brand values and not just customer “service” but the customer experience.

A generic practice or clinic might offer standard health services, including (for instance): HRT, Botox, massage therapy.

A specialized practice will stand out for offering something truly unique and delivering on its promises.

What can you offer your BHRT customers to make for a memorable experience they will want to tell their friends about?

Building Your Brand Story

When it comes to marketing, there are some essential elements that you need to establish as you’re building your brand, such as a name, logo, color scheme, marketing materials, and so on.

But this is only half the story!

Perhaps what’s more important is “your” story — the one behind your business.

People are drawn to the personal. They love stories, and they want to hear what your business is really about. Therefore, you will be respected if you are clear and true regarding your interest and intent.

Many people today use personal storylines as part of their branding. BHRT is an excellent area to do this, too. You can share with your customers all the benefits that you’ve gained from BHRT. Offer your staff services as well so that they can talk about it.

This personal story element can really be a game-changer!

Marketing Your BHRT Business

Successfully marketing your BHRT practice takes time and some patience — it won’t happen overnight. However, you’ll want to make sure you have some crucial marketing elements in place as early as possible and make sure the staff in your practice are 100% on board with these marketing activities as well.

Some suggestions include:

  • Have a system in place for customer feedback
  • Have a patient log and stay in touch via email
  • Send important reminders, for instance, when it’s’ time to get their hormone levels tested.
  • Use social media for building your brand and connecting with customers
  • Have a website that’s SEO optimized
  • Create high-quality content

Your (digital) marketing practices can make or break the way your clients see you, so make sure you’re on the ball with these from the get-go.

Your logo and the rest of your marketing materials should be designed to represent your story and make people associate it with your amazing services.

Create a Brand you Love

Building your brand requires that you need to understand what your patients want and offer something that your competitors aren’t offering. So you need to:

  1. Make it memorable
  2. Make it interesting
  3. Make it an EXPERIENCE rather than a service or set of services
  4. Make it about an offer they can’t refuse!

If you’re not behind it, if you’re not passionate, you won’t be able to sell it. You won’t be able to train your staff to sell it. You won’t be sincere.

That’s why it’s so worth it to invest in your brand strategy with a professional. But, don’t neglect the important part of getting creative and spending some time building this strategy in a way that really suits you.

Get a reputable marketing agency to help you develop a brand strategy that ties in with your bigger picture business and marketing plan. This will help you clarify and understand exactly what does (or could) truly set your practice apart from the rest.

Let Us Help You Build Your BHRT Practice

When you are confident in what you have learned in your BHRT training and services and build your brand strategically, people will be happy to become returning customers.

You can use your branding to show your patients the lifetime value they will receive as they invest in the most important thing: their health and well-being.

Perhaps more importantly, they will not hesitate to share their own story with other people.

Learn to help your patients by getting in touch!

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