Dr. Berkson is a thought leader in functional medicine. Dr. Berkson was a distinguished scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University (Center for Bioenvironmental Research) and has been writing, lecturing and teaching CMEs on hormones to MDs and pharmacists for two decades.

She has authored 20 books, a few best sellers, and has been lecturing for many practitioners for CMEs for many decades.

Her breakthrough book on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), Hormone Deception (McGraw-Hill 2000 Awakened Medicine Press 2016) has been used as a text book in many environmental science university programs and is a breakthrough reference book on EDCs.

Her latest book, Sexy Brain, warns of environmental castration and about how sex steroid hormones rule the brain. As hormones are under assault by EDCs, so is brain tissue and human health.

Her book Healthy Digestion The Natural Way (Wiley 2002) was the first gut, nutrition, spirituality digestion book and a long-time best seller. Its sequel is a breakthrough book soon to launch – creating a new field — Nutritional Gastroenterology.

Dr. B. has a BA in psych neurobiology, master’s in nutrition, is a Diplomate of the American College of Nutrition, holds two other nutrition certifications, and has worked collaboratively with allopathic medical teams all her career.

Dr. B presently works at the Naples’ Center for Functional Medicine (Dr. David Perlmutter’s old clinic) where she initiated the first functional renal program and adjunctive nutritional/pharmaceutical/hormonal support program for breast cancer survivors.

Berkson hosts the Dr. Berkson Best Health Radio Show (soon to be called Agile Thinking), also hosts a membership for practitioners – Smart + Heart (soon to be called Agile Thinkers), and is soon writing for Substacks.com under Agile Thinking.

She’s a West Coast Swing Dancer. A 5-star organic chef. Does stand-up.


"Donna (creator of the Hormone Makeover and BHRT Training Academy) is one of the best educators in the fields of wellness and hormone replacement therapy available today.Based on over twenty years of experience, she has an uncanny ability to effectively communicate to both physicians and the lay public."

 Nicholas M. Radio, Ph.D.

"The breadth and depth of training that you offered me will allow me to provide the best most current and researched treatment for my patients."

Dr. Edward J. Williams, FACOG, MHA

"Her ability to present scientific information on stage and on paper is outstanding. Without reservation, I recommend Donna for provider education and training, practice building, presentations, and program development."

Michael J. Trombley M.D.

Chief Medical Officer of Vitality Health Services

"My experience with the BHRT Training Academy gets FIVE STARS! As a new Nurse Practitioner, I was afraid that I would not be able to comprehend the complexity of the course. The BHRT Training Academy presents the material in small bites of sensible information that can be completed conveniently on your own schedule. Along the way, there were links to excellent hormone management presentations by top leaders in their field that further expanded the knowledge of the course. Those presenters included Dr. Deborah Matthew, Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Jim Paoletti, and Dr. Lindsey Berkson! In addition, the ongoing Mentor Classes are phenomenal for answering patient specific questions and navigating aspects of BHRT practice. The information simply can't be beat!"

"My hands-on pellet training was much more than just learning how to insert the pellets in a hotel conference room. Dr. Matthew is very personable and knowledgeable. As a small group, we observed insertion of pellets in several of her clinic patients (with permission) and practiced pellet insertion under direct supervision of Dr. Matthew and Donna White. They answered any questions we had and covered important aspects of business strategy and patient approach. It was a pleasure to meet Donna White after listening to hours of her presentations! She really is as delightful as she sounds in the course and Master Classes."

"My colleagues are raising their eyebrows at the amount of valuable information I have learned in this course. My patients are delighted to finally have some validation of their symptoms, and I am happy to offer appropriate testing and options for relief. This is an excellent course, and I would recommend it to any provider who would like to be able to offer the same relief to their patients."

Rebecca Johns

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