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"Donna’s training has been invaluable to my practice. It provided me the knowledge and confidence to safely and effectively prescribe BHRT, and my practice is thriving because of it!"

Shawnie Perkins, PA

Arbor Vitae Medical Center

“As a pharmacist the course has been fantastic to help inexperienced providers with BHRT, and it will help set us apart from other pharmacy providers in the area who don’t have the clinical knowledge on prescribing, dosing, and testing BHRT.  Thanks for putting the mentor and weekly training sessions online on the site. The mentor sessions and Master level trainings as well as supplemental learning at the end of the modules have been great and added tremendous insights to augment the modules.”

Harry Porter, R.Ph.


"Definitely enjoying the program. It's the most straight to the point and comprehensive program that I have taken. I feel confident to start working with BHRT patients." 

Michelle Tom

“I’m doing the course and it is AMAAAAZING!! I’ve studied hormones and all the other courses are so complicated only to leave me confused (like I don’t know a single thing). Literally this is going to change my practice. I’ve been turning patients away because I didn’t have the confidence or clarity and I am not one to ‘dabble’ because it could be dangerous in my opinion.  Thank you for recommending this!”    

Monica Sood, MD

I definitely recommend Donna White’s BHRT Provider’s Program to any clinician new to BHRT or experienced in BHRT but wanting to enhance their knowledge or grow their practice. The protocols are very easy to use and very thorough and easy for clinicians to go back and reference.  If you are looking for a training program that’s thorough and concise, I think you’ll find the BHRT Provider’s Program the way to go.

Diana Williams, MSN, RN, FNP-C

Precision Wellness Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine

"I highly recommend this BHRT course to any clinician looking to understand, assess and properly treat hormonal issues in their patients. Donna and colleagues are knowledgable, thorough and engaging. I wish I knew about these treatments options years ago, but I am thankful that I am aware of them now so I can utilize this information to treat my current and future patients."

Stasha-Gae Roberts, DNP, RN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, MPH

"Donna White’s BHRT provider’s training course was invaluable. It was easy to follow, comprehensive and armed me with exactly what I needed to feel confident about seeing patients. Even a year later I still refer back to my notes when I have a complicated case or need a refresher."

Nicole M. Bentivegna, MSN, RN, NP-C

Signature Wellness, Integrative & Functional Medicine

“Totally enjoyed and learned a lot with the mentor meetings.”   

Rock Pierre, APRN

“Thank you so much for this program and opportunity. I am truly enjoying the pace and the dedication you have given to help us learn and succeed. I have used the program for a few people, and it is truly amazing to see how much better people feel. I am excited for the opportunities to grow professionally and learn more.”

Amy Roden, NP

"I just wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you so much for the help last night. I can say over the past 20 years (hard to believe) I’ve gone through many programs/courses, and this program has been overwhelmingly positive. The information, support and guidance is incredible."



CME’s – Earn while you learn.

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CME's - Earn while you learn.

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