Learn BHRT and Be Your Own Boss

by | Sep 5, 2019

BHRT Benefits Providers


Beyond the amazing benefits of BHRT patients experience, providers offering BHRT also experience rewards.  One of the most enjoyable is being able to become your own boss.  

For a stressed-out busy provider this can be a dream come true. Getting to work the hours that you choose that work best for you and your family is nothing short of wonderful. It is also empowering to be able to make your own decisions as to what modalities you want to utilize for your patients. This isn’t how most of my colleagues or I started. 


The Former Work Life Model

You see most of the practitioners I have the honor of teaching are female medical doctors or PAs or NPs. These fine women are doing their best to show up at work for managed care practices and deliver health care to patients with excellence.  They have long hours that are dictated by the powers that be. Often, they are undervalued and underpaid. At the same time most have families with children in school that need their moms for their emotional wellbeing and also to help with homework and to get to after-school activities. How stressful it is to try to hurry up to get charting done at the end of the day knowing the kids need to be picked up by a certain time. Even worse is missing out on seeing their little munchkin score a goal because they had to work. Then of course there is always so much to do after work. The end of the day is not the end of the day for hard working women. However, often finances require employment plus they went to school to become doctors or nurses because they have a passion for helping patients.  


Speaking of wanting to help patients, before learning BHRT, many providers are trapped in the conventional system of traditional standard of care that prohibits them from thinking outside of the box.  My students disliked not being able to make recommendations for supplements instead of medication if they felt the patient would benefit. They were not allowed to make decisions that deviated from what their bosses stipulated. 


Can you relate?  I sure can. When I first started learning about bioidentical hormones, I had one little daughter.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn and teach and share. Along came 3 more children. I wanted to grow the practice, my platform, write and teach and be with my children too.  Being able choose to my own hours made it possible.  


A Better Model

The reason BHRT providers can be their own boss is primarily because BHRT is a fee for service modality offered in cash practices.  Therefore, providers can keep the revenue they collect versus accepting what insurance will pay. Cash based providers that are their own boss can decide what hours and days they want to work.


The reason this is the most effective model in my opinion is that consultations take 30-60 minutes.  BHRT consults simply cannot be done in the insurance-based model where office visits are about 15-20 minutes.  By allowing extended times per visit, you can actually spend more time talking, teaching, and listening to the patients’ concerns and not have to rush through the visit. This is a very important feature that will keep patients returning to your office. Also, not having to rush through an office visit is much less stressful on the provider.


Open Your Own Practice

Learning BHRT allows providers to open up their own practice or offer BHRT within an existing practice and be their own boss. I have seen BHRT fit beautifully in Anti-Aging, Integrative, Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery, Medical Weight Loss, and Family Practices. Patient demand supports BHRT and referrals tend to be high. On average revenue can increase at least $1000 per year per patient adding around $10,000 a month once you get established.  It does not take that many patients to make a decent income and even allow providers to work part time if they prefer. Learning BHRT enables providers to help patients, actually enjoy practicing medicine and have time and energy left for themselves and their loved ones. 

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