How To Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice

by | Mar 22, 2021

Building a thriving integrative medicine practice requires a long-term, integrated marketing plan based on engagement and connection.

If you’re looking to increase revenue in your BHRT business or you’re in another area of functional medicine, read on for a fresh perspective on marketing practices.

Experiential Marketing is Key to Building an Integrative Medicine Practice

Building trust is essential for attracting clients to benefit from specialized health services.

Patients who are frustrated or feel left behind by their family doctors, for instance, will yearn for the specialized care as is required for offering specialized therapy such as BHRT.

Experiential marketing refers to precisely this: face-to-face, personal contact, which connects on a human level.

We know that digital marketing is one way to get the word out, but don’t forget about the other options for connecting, both inexpensive and immediate.
This is the way to offer relevant information to current and potential patients.

Talk Face-to-Face

After a year of pandemic life, we know that it might be challenging to meet people face-to-face. But it’s because of this that (safe) face-to-face contact can be more powerful than ever.

With a specialty such as BHRT, we can consider that patients are more vulnerable to isolation and health problems, meaning that personal touch will go a long way.

Some tips for creating opportunities to see integrative medicine clients in-person:

  • Organize an open house
  • Consider “edutainment” as part of your events
  • Offer freebies and discounts
  • Create health workshops for existing patients
  • Offer a relevant support group — for instance, if you are offering BHRT, you can provide support for menopausal women.
  • Make events engaging and worthwhile.

The idea here is to make patients feel valued and offer support in their long-term health goals rather than “selling” a product.

When you bring people together around a shared purpose, you will become a recognized and trusted health care leader in your community, and word of mouth will follow.

Word of Mouth

In many ways, word-of-mouth remains the most effective marketing strategy because it’s all about trust.

We already do this on social media and through online reviews, but there is plenty of other effective word of mouth marketing strategies for growing your integrative medicine practice, including:

  • Via colleagues and professional referrals
  • Partnering with health practitioners in complementary niches
  • Educating referral sources that you are accepting patients
  • Educating referral sources about your offerings
  • Attending health fairs
  • Staying active in professional associations
  • Contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and other community business organizations

Other Marketing Strategies for Health Clinics

You’re probably focused on digital marketing, and this is the mainstay for most these days. But don’t undervalue the importance of marketing beyond email lists and social media.

Brochures and Other Print Materials

Tangible and practical offerings for potential clients will lead to a certain amount of in-person connections. Building brand awareness via brochures and other print materials still works.

Make sure they are strategically placed and offer helpful information.

Brochures and other printed marketing material can go a long way. Don’t leave out your current patients when it comes to disseminating information. And stay in touch with other relevant businesses like health food stores and publications.

A thoughtfully written postcard/coupon is an example of a small item that can make a significant impact.

Connect with Relevant Media Outlets

Press releases and other types of traditional media outreach may or may not do the trick. But contacting a local radio station with listeners in your target demographic can be highly effective.

Some ideas for media outreach include:

  • Pitching to podcasts in your niche
  • Publishing guest posts in popular health publications
  • Be a guest on a program featured on YouTube or Instagram TV

Any integrative medicine practice will benefit from building brand awareness through PR and outreach. Remember, though, that this is not about getting paid. The idea is to build trust and brand awareness through a variety of media forms.

Printed Newsletters and Direct Mail

“Snail mail” still works so long as you are strategic and consistent about it, without making sure you are overloading your customers with “junk.”

You probably already have a digital mail list, but why not consider print mail to complement this?

This way, you can reach clients interested in reading about your services and offers in a little more detail and at their leisure.

An alternative to this could be sending monthly email newsletters and doing a biannual publication that offers more in-depth conversations about topics summarized in the newsletter. You can feature events and offerings in the print newsletter as well.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice

There’s no single solution to growing a business. But when it comes to health care, you can bet that patients want and need personalized service.

Using a combination of digital and traditional marketing with an emphasis on community engagement is essential for empowering people to take care of their health and well-being.

Whether you’re on your way to opening your BHRT practice or you have an established business, there’s always room to grow.

BHRT providers who want to dig deeper and learn more should reach out — here’s how to get started.

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